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Reviews and Critical Acclaim



“Orchestra music director Alexander Jiménez led the orchestra in a compelling performance of Mahler’s Fourth Symphony. Jiménez emphasized the discontinuities in Mahler’s discourse to great effect, without sacrificing the integrity of the large musical argument .”  Tallahassee Democrat, April 2006


“Because Alex Jimenez has conducted several of my works, including  ‘Peanuts Gallery’ for piano and orchestra (in a PBS show that aired nationwide) and ‘Rituals’ for 5 percussionists and orchestra, I perhaps have a unique perspective on his work.  When he has conducted my work I have found Alex to be a strong and charismatic conductor who can get inside the score, convey his excitement to the players, and raise the level of performance with each rehearsal.  As a former professional orchestral violinist (with the American Symphony under Leopold Stokowski) I have further appreciation for his ability to bring out the best in an orchestra and to communicate his vision to an audience.” – Ellen Zwilich, eminent American composer.


“NEXUS played Ellen Taffe Zwilich’s ‘Rituals for Five Percussionists and Orchestra’(2002) with Alexander Jiménez conducting. After a brief meeting prior to our first rehearsal, we were convinced that Alex had the work in hand and that our collaboration was going to prove fruitful.


‘Rituals .  .  .’ requires precise articulations, long fluid lines, steady and flexible tempos; all balanced by sensitive listening to solo instruments not commonly heard by musicians.


Alex maintains discipline and control while letting musician enthusiasms percolate: this is the art of music. Under Alex’s direction the music had the expansive freedom touring musicians long for but seldom get and the concert was thrilling.”

- Robin Engelman

Member of Nexus,

The International Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame


“A crowd of 10,000 music lovers filled the natural amphitheater at Tom Brown Park under a bright moon to cheer guest conductor Alexander Jiménez .... The audience knew it was going to be a fun time when the orchestra members were shouting and cheering! The standing ovation and shouts for encore are unheard of for an outdoor Pops concert, and the orchestra ran out of music before the crowd was ready to go!” – Tallahassee Democrat, May 2001


"one thing that struck me -- delighted me, too -- was the first movement of the Ravel, taken at a good, fast pace, with all the string figuration easily flowing, not rushed, not hesitant, not at all fussy, perfectly in time (and in tune), and wonderfully musical.... That's an achievement, and a credit to Alex." -Greg Sandow/Arts Journal, 2009

"Alexander Jiménez and the Florida State Symphony,...perform all three works here with tremendous sympathy, love, and excitement." - Lynn Rene Bayley review of Naxos-Zwilich CD/Fanfare, 2011


"...the Florida State University Symphony Orchestra under Alexander Jiménez leaves absolutely nothing to be desired." - David Hurwitz review of Naxos-Zwilich CD/Classics Today, 2010


"...under their conductor, Alexander Jimenez, they tackle very demanding music with a mix of impact and subtle colours." - David Denton review of Naxos-Zwilich CD/David's Review Corner, 2010


"Maestro Jimenez and the FSU Symphony Orchestra deliver committed and authoritative performances of these works. And in the process they do a great service to further the reputation of their former professor." -Ralph Graves review of Naxos-Dohnanyi CD/WTJU Classical Comments, 2014


"While living in the United States, Dohnányi taught for ten years at the Florida State University, so it’s rather fitting to hear the Florida State University Orchestra perform what was to be his final symphony in this recording. They would certainly do him proud if he was still alive…the performance as a whole fully supports the work’s trajectory, the symphonic ideal, which to me is: “the goal is the fight to the glorious end”. - Jean-Yves Duperron review of Naxos-Dohnanyi CD
Classical Music Sentinel, July 2014

"Everything else is new and shares the same high quality in the hands of Alexander Jiménez conducting the Royal Scottish National Orchestra." -Huntley Dent review of Navona-Iannaccone CD

Fanfare Magazine, 2023

"...the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, a fine band, play like gods and goddesses in this finely recorded account, and Alexander Jiménez clearly has full measure of the score, pacing the final section (an affecting diminuendo into nothing) superbly. The control of the orchestra, too, in those final seconds is astonishing. This is a great piece in a great performance." - Colin Clarke review of Navona-Iannaccone CD

Fanfare Magazine 2023

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